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The Ultimate Easter Gift Guide

Another celebration is around the corner and it's a favourite here at Martha Loves...Easter! Normally, a couple weeks before Easter, the top of my fridge would be piled with a chocolate egg stash to envy but not this year...because we are gifting Easter alternatives! And we're back with another Martha Loves Gift Guide to help you find the best hidden gems too.

The family time and the meaning behind this celebration makes Easter so important to so many, and with the Covid effect we've had a reality check to appreciate every moment and make them as special as we can. Of course, for lots of us, Easter means chocolate...and lots of it!

Of course, our Easter will include a little bit of chocolate, but this year we really wanted to shop and gift Easter treats that have a long life, can be reused, recycled and are just a little bit different to the norm. My sister and myself are both type 1 diabetics, so my parents have always looked for an alternatives at Easter so we didn't feel left out and that idea has really stuck with us as we've grown up and started our own little traditions. Whether you want to shop small, help our planet, not break your healthy eating habits or gift a present to last, we've got some amazing ideas!!

Martha Loves £4.50 to £19.00

Of course, we've handmade THE ultimate Easter gift and brought you the funkiest, coolest, Easter undies, harems and accessories. We love creating mini collections for the special occasions and we didn't want to let this one pass, so we have made a limited edition design across our entire range, that you and your little ones are loving. Each item is handmade by us, here in North Wales, out of the softest, comfiest, Oekto-Tex jersey fabric and they are designed to last and last...nail on the head for our Easter alternative checklist! When we showed Martha her new Easter undies her face lit up and she was beyond excited so we are guaranteeing the best quality, stand out colours and a huge smile on little ones faces! Shop here now.

Bunny Egg Hunt Bag

Handmade and hand printed by Corrina in Risca, this little 100% cotton bag is the perfect size for collecting treats on an Easter hunt. Of course, this little bag isn't just for Easter, it'll last a life time and little ones will love its' mini size. Have a little browse on Corrinas website and you will see her insane hand printed Easter wrapping paper and cards...we're obsessed!! Every item has been hand drawn and carved onto a lino block and then printed onto the items. Beautiful designs from an even more beautiful lady running her small Welsh business. Shop here

DIY Easter Table Cloth

Inspire My Play

Just in general, if you haven't checked out Laura's Instagram then's a whole account dedicated to inspiring play and learning ideas for little ones. We've tried a couple and Martha Loves them, especially this Easter DIY idea we saw. All you need is a paper table cloth and some paints and et voila, a table cloth for Easter, some entertained little ones all without breaking the bank. You can really make it your own by drawing Easter templates for your little ones to colour in, such a fun idea that we love!

Babi Pur £3.95

Of course, our stockist, Babi Pur are serving up some great Easter treats, but this one just amazed us...edible egg dye

kits. Just add the dye to water, boil your eggs in the water and they will be super colourful and ready to eat!! Imagine a little blue egg in an egg cup, 6 year old me would be so so excited, even 24 year old me wants to try. Babi Pur only sell ethical and natural so these are super fun and safe. Shop here now

Fabric Bunny

Whether you're 5 or 50, you will love this handmade cotton shelf sitting bunny...she's just beautiful. Available at one of our favourite Welsh gift shops, there are lots of other Easter treats on offer, but this little one had us instantly. Not only will she look amazing sat next to your Easter display, but she will look just as perfect perched on a book shelf in your little ones room, once Easter has passed...Shop here

Lotti & Wren £3.00

Sticking with the bunny theme, we had to include these Gisela Graham Hanging Wooden Bunny Decorations. Is it just my family that has an Easter tree? I think they're becoming more popular, which makes me feel slightly less mad, but these hanging decs would look amazing! Lotti & Wren, located in Caernarfon, always has the cutest little treasures and the best decorations for every occasion...these are a must!

If I asked Martha what she's wearing at Easter she would already know and this headband would be a definite yes...she would love and probably wear them to church in the morning too. There are 8 colours to choose from as well as a huge Easter range across the rest of the website and be careful...because you'll probably end up with a basket full of Easter goodies!

Whippersnappers £22.00

Little secret...Rach and I are Jelly Cat OBSESSED and trying to grow our collection. But this little Happy Boiled Egg has my heart. So. Cute. Cannot. Handle. And you can wear it all day long as a little bag. Could it get any better. Whippersnappers have the best selection of Jelly Cat, others that are very Easter fitting, and you can shop the full range here.

Easter Bucket Gift Set

Honeycomb £17.00

Our favourite toy and book store has gone all out and put together a selection of Easter Buckets featuring some perfect Easter treats. There are two options to choose from which are based on ages and you can even get in touch and let them know any specifics you'd like and can add a chocolate egg too. Definitely check out the options available...little ones will LOVE!

Sweet Easter Biscuit Kit

Little Star Baker £15.99

Food plays a big part in our Easter and Martha Loves getting creative and baking some Easter treats, so this little baker kit is perfect. The kit comes with the dry ingredients, Easter cutters, piping, sprinkles...everything you need to make 15 of the brightest, tastiest, Easter biscuits. All ingredients are listed on the website, so you can check if they're suitable, and get cracking with your Easter baking! Shop here now

Feather Moss and Egg Wreath

Tea and Roses £22.99

Seasonal wreathes are all the range right now so we are all for an Easter wreath and Tea and Roses have an amazing selection to choose from. This rustic looking wreath is our favourite and will look amazing, sat in a country style kitchen, at any time of the year. This little shop is based in my home town of Bridgnorth and holds some unique hidden treasures...

Hop To It Collection

Martha Loves £5.00 to £18.00

And rounding up our Ultimate Gift Guide with another favourite from our range, that is also very fitting with the Easter vibe...our Hop To It range! The entire collection is handmade by us in North Wales, from the softest, Oeko-Tex jersey fabric featuring little cute bunnies. Of course, this print is unisex and looks amazing on each pair of little legs. One of our little customers loves this print and calls these his Peter Rabbit boxers and we just love that. These are handmade to love and last and you can shop this print here.

And that's the end of our Easter Gift Guide...full of long-lasting gifts from some of our favourite small businesses. Our mission here at Martha Loves is to encourage people to shop small, shop sustainable and to break away from our throwaway society and hopefully this little guide has given you some ideas on how to do that. Remember that supporting small businesses doesn't just mean buying products! You can check out social medias, comment on posts, share businesses with friends and remember us little guys when looking for gifts and every day needs; whatever you need, there will be a small business somewhere making it, sourcing it and selling it.

Happy Easter lovelies...

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