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Daddy & Me...The best Father's Day gift!

Another year another Father's Day, and we have been working super hard at Martha Loves HQ, making our new Father's Day range. We're bringing you the best yet...our first super funky, comfy and mini me set that is organic!

You guys know here at Martha Loves, we are constantly championing the small guys and encouraging everyone to shop small and handmade, especially when it comes to gifting. There are loads and lots of amazing brands out there, working hard to make gifts you can't find walking into your average high street shop. I mean, where can you go and buy matching underwear sets as funky and as high quality as these? Not only will these undies bring THE biggest smile on Father's Day morning but they will last wash after wash, year after year. When we started Martha Loves in 2019 I made my 92 year old Grandad and my own Dad some of our boxers and, not only did they LOVE their gift, but the boxers are still good as knew and worn on the regular (I double check as a bit of product research haha!)

#twinningiswinning and something so many of your little ones LOVE. Martha Loves matching too, but matching her dad with a unisex design that looks good on both is something I have really struggled to find. It seems you can only really get matching jumpers or pyjamas, and the lack of options out there and struggle for different designs really inspired us to make our own Mini Me range. Whether it's Father's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas or just a Tuesday afternoon, you can rock your handmade undies with your little one.

We try to get one design that you all will love and that can feel like an overwhelming task. We have loved this GOTS certified jersey for a while now and have always had it as our subconscious frontrunner in our Father's Day fabric options. We like to add a Martha Loves twist to each design we launch, so we had to pair this classic print with an electric orange banding for a splash of colour...and we don't know about you but we LOVE.

Of course, you all know, everything that's available on our website is handmade by myself, Rach and Grace at our Martha Loves HQ on the Llŷn Peninsula. When we first started we would have all our fabric delivered to us, cut every single pattern piece out ourselves, sew them up to send them right out to our lovely customers. As we've grown, so has the amount we're making and so now, once we've picked all our funky fabrics, they are sent to an amazing helping hand about 2 hours away, who cuts out all of our children sizes. When the pieces are ready we collect them, and all our remaining fabric, and bring it back to our HQ. It's time to get making!! We still cut out all our adult sizes ourselves and once Grace has pulled out all the pieces we need to make our Daddy & Me set, Rach and I will hand make each item to order. I know there's always room for improvement but after 3 years we have perfected a very good work flow between us around our work space (as soon as the crazy is tidied we will give a full office tour!). Once each pair is made and finished

off, they're passed over to Grace to press, tag and package up beautifully to be shipped out to you! If Martha's with us on posting day she'll insist on putting each in the postbox, but hey ho, your parcel is on it's way regardless and soon you'll be wearing the comfiest undies going.

The countdown is on to Father's Day and you can shop the perfect gift now. Our Daddy & Me Dotty Design is available singularly and in matching sets. You can shop the full collection now and treat all the Dad's, Step Dad's and Father figures to a gift that's made to love and made to last.

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