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Our Story

Martha Loves ltd is a new brand lovingly designing and handmaking childrens underwear in bold, funky, bright patterns. Each item is made with durable, carefully sourced Oeko Tex or GOTS certified jersey fabrics; we want your little ones underwear made to the highest quality possible. 

Rachaels' love and passion for sewing, and her want to dress her five beautiful children in unique, exciting designs, led her to make bespoke items of clothing for all her children. After seeing the quality of the items Rachael was making, and falling in love with each little pair of pants, Rachael and myself, Alex, decided to team up and start a UK business handmaking childrens' underwear for all your little ones. 

As you will see, we are incredibly proud to based on the idyllic Llŷn Peninsula in North Wales. I have been lucky enough to be coming to my favourite part of the world my whole life, as have the last two generations of my family. In the last 25 years Rachael has lived on the peninsula, her love of sewing was born, as were each of her children. Martha is Rachaels' youngest and our inspiration for Martha Loves. Martha 'loves' everything: where she is from, her family, her dogs, the list is endless! Her face lights up and she 'loves it' when her mummy shows her a new piece of clothing she has made for her; we want and believe every child will have this smile on their face when they see their new underwear. 

As Martha grows, so do we, but the heart and root of our business will always be to handmake each item with love and care, so that every child is excited to wear their big boy boxers and their big girl pants.


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